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Welcome to the CyberSC Community, an affiliate partner of CyberUSA!

CyberUSA is a collaboration of states focused on a common mission purpose of enabling innovation, education, workforce development, enhanced cyber readiness and resilience - all while connecting the cyber ecosystem of the United States and its Allies. This non-profit “community of communities” is governed by its members, established to enhance information sharing between states and improve cyber resilience at all levels of participation - local, regional and national. CyberUSA provides a communication framework, a national summit and cyber related resources to communities across the United States.

The importance of sharing cyber threat information has been discussed for more than a decade. Establishment of sector based communities built on a basis of affinity and trust is recognized as a key ‘next phase’ of developing resilience capabilities for our nation.  This national ISAO will provide a connective platform for locally structured and market-based ISAO activity, providing a sustainable model for growth while enhancing overall resilience.   CyberUSA will effectively become a ‘community of communities’ to allow business to continue as normal at the local level, providing a funding methodology to support local efforts, while also providing exponential improvements to cyber resilience capabilities locally and nationally.

Engagement: ISAO Relationships

Sustainable Funding:  Free Market Driven

Situational Awareness:  Multi Sector/Multi State

Education, Outreach, Acceleration:  Force Multipliers


Become part of the national network of cyber states.  If you represent a technology council, chamber of commerce, cyber group, ISAO, ISAC, or other Trust-based membership group, we invite you to register and bring your group into the ‘community of communities’ to begin sharing and being shared with.  Together we can secure the nation.

The SC Cyber Association , a 501(c)(6) non-profit that provides professional development and connection opportunities in the Palmetto State.

The SC Cyber Foundation , a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides funding for cyber education in the Palmetto State.

CyberSC is a member affiliate of CyberUSA


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